Achieve Your Dreams!

Have you felt like you are stuck in your life? Do you have dreams and ideas and goals but just can't figure out how to make them real? Are you trapped in a job or career that leaves you feeling empty and unfulfilled?

It can be really hard to figure out how to make your dreams a reality when you're trapped in the busyness and chaos of your day. Like the old saying goes "It's hard to remember your goal was to drain the swamp when you are up to your ass in alligators".

You are not alone and we can help!

Our Life Coaching and Mentoring program can help you:

  • Better understand your strengths and skills; and those areas where you might need development. Most important is to identify those things which excite your passions!
  • Understand and be crystal clear on your dreams and visions. It is impossible to realize a dream if it is not perfectly clear in your mind and heart and spirit.
  • Build SMART Goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Resourced, Time-bound goals that you WILL achieve.
  • Identify and understand the obstacles and blockers in your path. We all have them but we have to see them clearly in order to be able to surmount them.
  • Build your personal detailed, practical and do-able plans to achieve those goals
  • Create follow-up accountability and feedback processes that will keep you on track when life's distractions appear.

It really comes down to understanding yourself, all of yourself - mind, body, heart, and spirit. We will bring all our skills and experience to support and motivate you on your journey whether you're are 20 years old just starting out or 80 years old looking for meaning and purpose in these years.

We will meet via online video (at least for now) and can schedule a single session or a series of sessions to fit your situation and needs.

Call, write, or message us to start creating your new life! 

Life Coaching & Mentoring with Soni and David