Ayurveda for Health & Vitality

  • Become Healthy, Happy and Balanced
  • Enjoy Life to Its Fullest
  • Maximize Your Own Unique Potential through the Secrets of this Ancient Science

Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old India medical science of life and healthy living, has brought true health and wellness to millions of individuals throughout the ages with simple changes in daily living practices. It is based on the radical notion that it is better to stay healthy than to heal sickness. Incorporating just a few of these proven methods into your lifestyle can bring about radical changes in your life.
Ayuveda starts with a determination of your specific "constitution" or dosha. There are 3 prototypic doshas that we all have in some mixture: Vata (air). Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water). Understanding your unique balance of these, and how you may be imbalanced at this time, allows a personal, healthy living plan to be built based on the foods that bring you into balance and those which take you out of balance. The effects are dramatic! In addition to eating right Ayurveda teaches you how to live right, with daily practices and routines that promote health and vitality while reducing pain and illness.
A consultation with an Ayurvedic counselor can help you begin this journey of understanding and health.

Soni delivers her now expanded Ayurvedic services online. Soni@soniyoga.com or call her at 239-785-8713

Initial 75 minute session is $100 and follow-up sessions for $50 for 30 minutes.